Free-eau EVO

Cooling bath

This circulating bath in close circuit equipped with a powerful cooling group is conceived to optimize the cooling of one or more distillers- extractors such as DE2000 or direct distillers such as ALCO 02, at any given room temperature.

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  • 140990 Free Eau EVO - Circulating cooling bath
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  • 140990Free Eau EVO - Circulating cooling bath


Equipped with a 3750W cooling group, the FREE-EAU EVO eliminates all the problems related to the use of tap water to cool apparatus like DE2000 or ALCO 02: high temperatures, low flow, remote branch point, waste of drinking water, important operating costs. This instrument enables the distillation of liquids with high alcoholic content without risking any loss superior to the current norms, as the first drops of distillate with high alcohol concentration are collected at low temperature.


  • Dimensions (H X L x D):  500 x 600 x 755mm
  • Weight: 90kg
  • Capacity of the buffer tank: 30 liters
  • Nominal cooling efficiency: 3750 W (Room temperature= 35°C)
  • Absorbed power: 2080W
  • Bath temperature: adjustable 5°C at room temperature
  • Circulating pump: 29 liters/minute
  • Power supply: 230V-50Hz / 230V-60Hz
  • Cooling fluid: R 407 C


The FREE-EAU EVO is equipped with a security system in case of an overheating of the generator or a shortage of the circulating liquid. The temperature of the cooling bath is permanently displayed and the circulation of cooling liquid is managed by a pump controlled by the distiller.   

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