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 LDS, an increasingly connected company

Join Us20 / 04 / 2021

"LinkedIn is for us a real professional tool that allows us to create or strengthen the link we have with our customers and partners" To know more

New demo video : Titra Evo

New demo video02 / 02 / 2021

Automatic multiparameter titrator for quick determination of free and total SO2, pH, volatile acidity on distillate. The device automatically adds the reagents before the titration. It is available with an autosampler to analyse up to 15 samples in a row. Its intuitive touch screen makes it particularly easy to use. To know more

Launch of DS Temp

New digital thermometer

Laboratoires Dujardin-Salleron have developed the DS TEMP, a precision thermometer with the latest technology. To know more


New service

AREOMETRIE.COM is dedicated to the sale of alcoholometers, mustimeters, hydrometers and salinometers. To know more

DS Oenophoto

New product

This photometer makes possible fast and reliable analysis by the winemaker himself, for common parameters such as residual sugars, yeast assimilable nitrogen, malic acid, etc. Completed with common accessories at the laboratory and colorimetric & enzymatic kits, it allows the wineries to run their own analysis. To know more



All wines, still and sparkling, contain CO2 (carbonic gas). In particular, CO2 plays an important part in still wine tasting. Vinification must take into account this parameter to assure that the CO2 content during bottling is adjusted to the wine profile. To know more

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