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New range of titrators

New in 202205 / 12 / 2022

We are pleased to officially present our new range of titrators. To know more

New generation of instruments : The DS Sulfi

PRODUCT 26 / 10 / 2022

This apparatus is designed to quickly and easily measure free and total SO2 and removes the difficult estimation of the end of the measure. The DS Sulfi is particularly adapted to highly colored red wines, lees for distillation, fruit juices, alcoholic drinks and vinegars. To know more

LDS at Domaine de Vincent Carême - Use of Fabre refractometer


We are at Tania & Vincent Carême for the use of the Fabre refractometer. #Harvest2022 #refractometer #Fabre #LDS #wine #vine To know more

New version of  digital thermometer DS TEMP


Laboratoires Dujardin-Salleron have developed the DS TEMP, a precision thermometer with the latest technology. It replaces the mercury thermometer for ebulliometer. There is less risk of breakage and mercury can be banned at the laboratory. Reading the temperature is also much easier. To know more

New partnership with BtoBeer


The company keeps innovating and developing to bring its instruments in other fields such as: liqueurs, spirits, ciders, beers, spirits and other distilled beverages, vinegars and mustards, kombucha, pharmacology, perfumery, printing and some food industries, in particular fruits and vegetables. To know more

A new workshop


Over the years, we have strengthened the technical team and the engineering team. To know more

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