DE EVO automatic oenological distiller-extractor

Automatic steam distillation for wines, musts, liquors

This instrument is designed for the steam distillation of alcohol and the steam extraction of volatile acids, following the official method. With a quick implementation and providing reliable results, DE EVO is advisable for laboratories specialized in wine analysis, spirits, fermented beverages, fruit juices, and many other agriculture and food industry products (tomato sauces, vinegars, etc.)

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  • 140950- Distiller-extractor DE EVO
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  • 140950-Distiller-extractor DE EVO


A steam generator supplied with distilled water enables, with steam bubbling into the sample, an extraction of volatile acids, alcohols, etc. (according to the selected program). A rectifying column with Raschig rings separates the steams and prevents the distillation of the lactic acid. A coil cooler, equipped with a special tube for connection with the air to equilibrate pressure, condenses and collects all the steams. The distillate comes out by a glass tip and is collected in a volumetric flask, placed on a weighing scale that detects automatically the end of the distillation according to the selected program.


  • Complying with the European regulations (regulation EEC n°2676/90 and O.J. L272 of 03/10/90) and with the OIV standards described in the Compendium of International Methods of Analysis of Wine and Musts.
  • Distillation of wines and beverages containing up to 40% vol. alcohol and from 40 to 80% vol. after the dilution of the sample
  • Extraction of volatile acids
  • Extraction of sorbic acid


  • Selection of the program and the volume to distillate/extract on a digital screen
  • End of the distillation determined by a weighing system without pre-calibration, thanks to a precision electronic scale
  • Automatic stop of the pump that supplies water to the steam generator and of the circulating cooling system
  • Steam generator equipped with a powerful heating system (2800W)
  • Bubbler with heating rings for an efficient steam extraction
  • Large-size glassware (high efficiency rectifying and cooling columns)
  • Short work time: 5 to 6 min


  • Volumetric flask (200ml) with stopper (Ref. 618200D)
  • Graduated Erlenmeyer flask, wide neck (250ml) (Ref. 615250L)
  • Graduated pipette (10ml – 1/10) (Ref. 604010)
  • Milk of lime 500 ml (Ref. 990007)
  • Antifoam 250ml (Ref. 990002)
  • Tartaric acid, powder (250g) (Ref. 990010)


  • Power supply: 220V - 50Hz
  • Water supply: minimum pressure 1.2 bar, recommended temperature 18°C, minimum flow 5-6L/mn
  • Distilled water

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