Complete kit for raw volatile acidity determination, with a Mohr’s burette

Determination of raw volatile acidity after steam extraction

This kit is equipped with a 25ml Mohr’s burette, a stand, a pipette, a crystallizer, a reagent and a standard solution for a direct readout.

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  • 115000AV- Kit for volatile acidity determination
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  • 115000AV-Kit for volatile acidity determination


A standard sodium hydroxide solution is poured into the distillate obtained from steam distillation with some drops of phenolphthalein until it turns pink. 


  • 1 burette (25ml) – 1/10 clear glass (Ref. 600101)
  • 1 clamp for burette (Ref. 600906)
  • 1 Erlenmeyer flask, narrow neck (250 ml) (Ref. 615250E)
  • 1 base (Ref. 600910)
  • 1 rod (Ref. 600921)
  • Phtalein 60 ml (Ref. 938060)
  • Acidimetric solution 500 ml (Ref. 902500) 

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