Steam extractor Mothe type for volatile acidity

Steam extraction

This instrument on a stand is composed by a boiler, an extraction flask, a rectifying column to stop lactic acid vapors, and a coiled condenser. It allows a quick extraction of the volatile acids (titration accessories are not included).

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  • 118300- Steam extractor, Mothe type for Volatile Acidity
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  • 118300-Steam extractor, Mothe type for Volatile Acidity


The volatile acids are separated from the wine with a water steam extraction. Then, a titration of acidity with a standard alkaline solution is run on the distillate. 


  • If used following the indicated precautions, this method eliminates the errors caused by volatile acids not belonging to the acetic series 
  • The bubbler is specially designed to avoid wine aspiration into the boiler when the heater stops 


  • Heating system not included: a high flow burner (40mm diameter) is recommended 
  • Extraction time: between 7 and 12 minutes
  • Typical use: 1 to 10 analyses / day
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble thanks to its Rodaviss system


  • A glass boiler with a funnel and a draining valve
  • An ampoule with a bubbler and a draining valve
  • A rectifying column
  • A coiled condenser
  • A reception flask graduated at 100ml
  • A stand with a clip

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