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New video 08 / 09 / 2021

Designed to reduce significantly the time of distillation of traditional units and avoid alcohol loss. To know more

LDS supports the Micro Winerie project, an urban cellar in Bordeaux

Entrepreneurship15 / 07 / 2021

The Urban Cellar of Bordeaux is a place of wine production and oenological discovery. This project is led by Maxime Rozé, former technical sales representative of the LDS team. The opening is scheduled for September 2021 within DARWIN, an alternative location in Bordeaux and a business ecosystem. To know more

New modele of traditional ebulliometer with DS Temp


Watch our new demonstration video: the traditional ebulliometer To know more

Program of the Vignovin webinars


We are partners of Vignovin, a portal for advice, products and services for winegrowers. Vignovin brings together a community of actors in the wine-growing sector which provide information about viticulture, winemaking, wine conditioning and marketing. To know more

 LDS, an increasingly connected company

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"LinkedIn is for us a real professional tool that allows us to create or strengthen the link we have with our customers and partners" To know more

New demo video : Titra Evo

New demo video

Automatic multiparameter titrator for quick determination of free and total SO2, pH, volatile acidity on distillate. The device automatically adds the reagents before the titration. It is available with an autosampler to analyse up to 15 samples in a row. Its intuitive touch screen makes it particularly easy to use. To know more

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