• Use of mustimeter : handling precautions10 / 07 / 2024

    The mustimeter is used to measure the sugar content of the must and therefore to deduce the probable alcohol content of the wine which will result after complete fermentation.

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Indispensable for the winemaker, the same instrument can be used to determine the optimum moment of harvest, when the sugar content is at its maximum, and that of devatting, when all the sugar has fermented.
Calibrated with the human eye, Dujardin-Salleron mustimeters are the most reliable mustimeters currently on the market. To optimize the accuracy of your results, however, it is necessary to adopt some best practices:
- The instrument must be perfectly clean and dry : clean with a solution of 20% sodium hydroxide, then rinse with distilled water and dry it with a clean tissue.
- Use it in a glass cylinder without graduation, straight (not conical). Do not use the instrument directly in the tipping trailer or tank.
- Make sure that the sample measured is representative and remove rough particles to avoid wrong measurements (by settling, sieving, etc.).
- Immerse slowly the instrument in the sample, holding it at the top of the stem, giving an up and down movement, then release it with a rotary movement. 

- Read the result at the top of the meniscus (the upper part of the curve formed by the liquid in contact with the mustimeter).


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