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#hygiene #partnership the ATP meter, Lumitester SMART

PROMO22 / 11 / 2023

The world of hygiene is changing, it can now be managed with simple and quick tools! ATP measurement and the use of enzymes constitute a new approach which allows you to rationalize your processes and move towards an environmental approach . To know more

Newsletter n°3

COMPANY09 / 10 / 2023

Product Focus - What is the latest news from the company? To discover in our newsletter To know more

Privacy Policy Personal Data Protection

Privacy Policy

For the purposes of providing the Services, Laboratoires Dujardin-Salleron is required to collect and process the personal data of its users (hereafter referred to as the “Users”). This privacy policy, implemented by Laboratoires Dujardin-Salleron, is intended to provide the Users with a summary and overview of the processing of personal data carried out by Laboratoires Dujardin-Salleron. To know more

Newsletter n°2


Second newsletter of the year 2023. Focus Products - What are the latest news from the company? To read in our newsletter To know more

Launch of the new 0-22% RCT refractometer


We are pleased to announce the official launch of the new RCT 0-22% AP Refractometer. To know more

 Credits are offered to test the


Digitalization of wine and spirits processes. A unique software for daily calculations and various conversions (alcoholometry, inventory, gauging, etc.) To know more

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