Portable turbidimeter 2100Q

Portable turbidimeter

This user-friendly device determines turbidity at all stages of winemaking and before bottling. It is delivered in a carrying case for an easy transportation for field measurements, and it includes StabCal standards (20, 100 and 800 NTU) and 6 sample cells. The 2100Q turbidimeter combines precision and robustness to ensure reliable measures, at the field and at the laboratory.

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  • 200100 HACH portable turbidimeter 2100Q, in case
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  • 200100HACH portable turbidimeter 2100Q, in case


The optical Ratio system uses a primary signal of nephelometric light diffused at 90° and the transmitted diffused light signal. It compensates for the sample color, the light variations, and the spill light, so that a large variety of samples can be measured in the same conditions than in the laboratory, even when the measurement conditions are complicated. The RST fast acquisition mode of turbidity provides a maximum accuracy and repeatability, thanks to an integrated algorithm which takes into account the settling power of your samples, through continuous measures. 


  • Simplified calibration with display assistance is done easily with the supplied solutions of Formazine StablCal. 
  • Recording up to 500 measures in memory. 
  • Delivered with calibration kit Stablcal, 6 measurement cells, the user manual, silicon oil and cloth and 4 AA batteries.


  • Measuring range from 0 to 1000 NTU
  • Accuracy ± 2%
  • Repeatability ± 1%
  • Resolution 0.01 NTU
  • Stray light < 0.02 NTU
  • Light detector: silicon photocell
  • Light source: tungsten filament lamp
  • Sample cell 10 ml - 60 x 25 mm / borosilicate glass with screwcap 
  • Power source: 4  batteries AA 1.5V / 110-230V, 50-60 Hz
  • IP 67 protection – waterproof and dusttight
  • Dimensions (H x L x D): 229 x 107 x 77 mm 
  • Weight: 600 g

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