Peroxide test strips (x100)

Peroxide test

Enzymatic reagents on strips (x100). The comparison with a colorimetric scale provides the results (range 0-25mg/l of H2O2).

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  • 197518 Peroxyd strips (100 tests)
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  • 197518Peroxyd strips (100 tests)


Since it is a control method, these test strips enable the user to quickly know if a deeper analysis is needed, and this means saving time and analytical resources. The strips are made of a biodegradable polyester sheet and a small amount of reagent, which guarantees a safe disposal.


  • Easy process: Soak the strip and let it react to then compare it with the color scale
  • Harmless: no auxiliary reagent required
  • Results in 2 minutes
  • To be used at the laboratory or field

Tube de 100 bandelettes peroxyde