Quick determination of reducing sugars

You can finally use a simple and quick method to determine reducing sugars in must and wine. Fermentest differentiates quickly and easily dry wines from wines with higher sugar content.

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  • 196100- Complete kit for Fermentest method
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  • 196101 Fermentest tablets x 36
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  • 196100-Complete kit for Fermentest method
  • 196101Fermentest tablets x 36


A fixed quantity of copper sulfate mixed with alkaline salts in tablet form is added to a known quantity of diluted wine. The mixture creates a temperature increase that causes the typical reaction of reducing sugars. The results are obtained by observing the color resulting from the excess of blue copper salts and/or red copper oxide formed. 


- Quick determination of the stage of alcoholic fermentation
- Analysis in less than 1 minute (except for discoloration)
- Clear results thanks to a color chart
- Practical and safe chemical analysis


Measurement range: 0-5g/l of reducing sugars (fermentable and non fermentable)
Sample type: Wines and musts, discolored for red wines
Storage: Room temperature, protected from moisture
Shelf life: 2 years after manufacturing, unopened bottle


The carrying case includes: 
  • A bottle containing 36 Fermentest reagent tablets (Ref.196101)
  • A complete discoloration kit for red wines
  • A WATER/WINE dropping pipette 
  • A pair of pliers
  • A beaker, a test tube and a small brush