Complete kit for total acidity determination with a Mohr’s burette

Total acidity determination

This kit is equipped with a 25ml Mohr’s burette, a stand, a pipette, a crystallizer, a reagent and a standard solution in flexible flask for a direct readout.

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  • 115000AT- Kit for total acidity determination
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  • 115000AT-Kit for total acidity determination


A sodium hydroxide standard solution is added to the wine or must sample with some additional bromothymol blue drops until it turns into a blue-greenish color.


  • Stand, rod and clamp for burette. 
  • 25 ml burette graduated 1/10 (Ref. 600101) 
  • 10ml class A pipette graduated 1/10 (Ref. 604010) 
  • Crystallizer, 70mm diameter, 100ml (Ref. 627070) 
  • Acidimetric solution for total acidity (Ref. 900500)
  • Bromothymol blue / integrated dropping pipette (Ref. 940060)

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