Complete kit for free and total SO2 determination (Ripper method) with a Mohr’s burette

Manual titration of sulphurous anhydride

This kit includes a 25ml Mohr’s burette, a stand, pipettes, an Erlenmeyer flask and the reagents and titrated solutions.

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  • 119000- Complete kit for SO2 determination
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  • 119000-Complete kit for SO2 determination


The free sulphurous anhydride is titrated directly in wine with a titrated iodine solution in the presence of a starch indicator. Subsequently, and on a second sample, the SO2 is released from the combinations it forms thanks to an alkaline solution. Then, the same titration as above is carried out again and total SO2 is obtained. The difference between the 2 results gives the combined SO2. 


  • Stand, rod, and clamp for burette
  • 1 glass burette (25ml) (Ref. 600101)
  • 1 stopper N°10 (Ref. 650110P)
  • 1 graduated ground-joint Erlenmeyer flask (250ml) (Ref. 615250E)
  • 1 2-mark pipette (50ml) (Ref. 603010)
  • 1 2-mark pipette (25ml) (Ref. 603025)
  • 1 2-mark pipette (10ml) (Ref. 603050)
  • 1 dropping pipette with rubber bulb (Ref. 630000)
  • Iodine 500ml N/50 (Ref. 936500)
  • Sodium hydroxide 500ml  1,125N (Ref. 934500)
  • Sulphuric acid 500ml 1/10 (Ref. 932500)
  • Indicator 125ml (Ref. 937125)


The sulphurous anhydride is a dissolved gas, which constantly escapes from liquid. To minimize this loss, it is important to: 
- Carefully take the sample, cork it immediately, and keep it at a cool place after analysis. 
- Prepare the material and the products before uncorking the sample.
- Quickly measure the sample and proceed immediately to titration. 

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