Researcher binocular microscope 40x-1000x


Transmission microscope for school, study, and laboratories.

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  • 100135 Microscope binocular 40x/1000x halogen 20W
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  • 100135Microscope binocular 40x/1000x halogen 20W


  • Nosepieces with DIN objectives magnification 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x (oil) 
  • Wide angle eyepieces 10x (diameter 23mm)
  • Bright lamp (20W halogen) with dimmer 
  • Abbe N.A. 1.25 condenser
  • Delivered with protective housing, immersion oil and power supply 
  • Trinocular model also available (upon request)

Produits associés

Thoma counting cell - Single grid

100136Thoma counting cell - Single grid

Thoma counting cell - Double grid

100137Thoma counting cell - Double grid

Planed cover glass 22x22 mm for above - x 10

100138Planed cover glass 22x22 mm for above - x 10

Planed cover glass 20x26 mm for above - x 10

100139Planed cover glass 20x26 mm for above - x 10

Malassez counting chamber - Single ruling

100146Malassez counting chamber - Single ruling

Malassez counting chamber - Double ruling

100147Malassez counting chamber - Double ruling