Complete kit for residual sugar determination in wines and musts using Fehling method

Sugar determination

The Fehling method provides an easy and economical solution to accurately determine the quantity of residual sugar in wines. This kit includes a system to immediately reduce the sample to a colorless compound with a syringe and a hotplate stirrer. The heating time (after pre-heating) is about 3 minutes.

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  • 196260- Complete kit for Fehling method with heating magnetic stirrer
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  • 196260-Complete kit for Fehling method with heating magnetic stirrer


Residual sugars in the solution discolor the Fehling liquor at boiling point. The Fehling liquor is titrated in a manner that 10ml are discolored by 0.05g of invert sugar (glucose and fructose).


  • Stand, rod, and clamps
  • Hotplate stirrer (Ref. 100051)
  • Graduated PP beaker, low form (150ml) (Ref. 613150P)
  • Graduated PP beaker, low form (50ml) (Ref. 613050P)
  • Erlenmeyer flask, narrow neck (200ml) (Ref. 615200E)
  • Burette (25ml – 1/10) (Ref. 196201)
  • 2-mark glass pipette (10ml) (Ref. 603010)
  • Syringe (Ref. 650305)
  • Filter support (Ref. 650307)
  • Filter disks x100 (25mm diameter and porosity 10-20µm (Ref. 650308)
  • Fehling liquor, 500ml (Ref. 916000)
  • Methylene blue, 30ml (Ref. 944000)
  • Vegetal coal, 500g (Ref. 983500)

Produits associés

Stirring bar, PTFE, 20x6 mm

100062Stirring bar, PTFE, 20x6 mm

Fehling liquor - 500 ml

916000Fehling liquor - 500 ml

Fehling liquor A - 500 ml

916100AFehling liquor A - 500 ml

Fehling liquor B - 500 ml

916100BFehling liquor B - 500 ml

Phenolphthalein - 60 ml

938060Phenolphthalein - 60 ml

Methylene blue 30 ml

944000Methylene blue 30 ml

Vegetal coal - 500 g

983500Vegetal coal - 500 g