Complete kit in plastic case for free and total SO2 determination (Ripper method)

Manual titration of sulphurous anhydride

This kit offers all the necessary instruments for testing in a perfectly organized case. It includes a 25ml automatic self-zeroing burette, a stand, a dosing cylinder, an Erlenmeyer flask, reagents, and a standard solution in flexible flask. The plastic case facilitates the transportation and oganization of the instruments and their protection when they are not in use.

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  • 119400- Complete kit in case for SO2 determination
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  • 119400-Complete kit in case for SO2 determination


  • Only one test to determine the two values (free and total SO2).
  • Mesurement of the sample and the reagents with a dosing cylinder. 
  • Accurate titration with an automatic self-zeroing burette. 
  • Stable solutions over several months.


The SO2 is completely released in acid medium and titrated with the standard iodide/iodate solution in the presence of a starch indicator. The starch indicator changes colors to give the result of the test. The free SO2 and the total SO2 are successively determined by the iodide/iodate solution stable over the time (KIKIO3), that produces the iodine specifically for the titration. All the volumes are measured with a dosing cylinder.  


  • Stand, rod, and clamp for burette
  • 1 clear glass automatic burette with proton key (25 ml) (Ref. 600145)
  • 1 versilic hose (5/7 diameter) (Ref. 617602)
  • 1 graduated Erlenmeyer flask, wide neck (250ml) (Ref. 615250L)
  • SO2 cylinder (Ref. 119401)
  • Stopper GL25 (Ref. 802020)
  • Iodide/Iodate 500ml N/64 (Ref. 921501)
  • 1 reagent #1 (Ref. 920250)
  • 1 reagent #2 (Ref. 930250)
  • 1 reagent #3 (Ref. 931250)

Produits associés

Reagent N°1 (SO2) - 250 ml

920250Reagent N°1 (SO2) - 250 ml

Iodide/Iodate N/64 (squeeze bottle) - 500 ml

921501Iodide/Iodate N/64 (squeeze bottle) - 500 ml

Reagent N°2 (SO2) - 250 ml

930250Reagent N°2 (SO2) - 250 ml

Reagent N°3 (SO2) - 250 ml

931250Reagent N°3 (SO2) - 250 ml