Free SO2 and total acidity determination kit

Free SO2 and total acidity manual determination

This complete kit enables to quickly estimate free SO2 and total acidity. It contains a volumetric graduated flask, a standard solution and a reagent for each test.

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  • 120600- Complete kit for free SO2 and total acidity determination
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  • 120600-Complete kit for free SO2 and total acidity determination


The SO2  is completely released in acid medium and titrated with the standard iodide/iodate solution in the presence of a starch indicator. Total acidity is neutralized by a standard solution of sodium hydroxide and a pH indicator.


  • 1 volumetric flask for both titrations (Ref. 120600)
  • Free SO2: 250 ml starch indicator – reagent no. 1 (ref. 920250) and 250 ml standard iodide/iodate solution N/64 (ref. 921250)
  • Total acidity: 250 ml pH indicator (ref. 922250) and 250 ml standard solution (ref. 923250)

Produits associés

Reagent N°1 (SO2) - 250 ml

920250Reagent N°1 (SO2) - 250 ml

Iodide/Iodate N/64 (refill) - 250 ml

921250Iodide/Iodate N/64 (refill) - 250 ml

Indicator T.A. 250 ml

922250Indicator T.A. 250 ml

Titration solution T.A. 250 ml

923250Titration solution T.A. 250 ml