Distillator-extractor Mothe type

Classical distillation for alcohol and volatile acidity determination

This instrument allows a quick steam extraction of water, alcohol, and volatile acids following the official method. It can be used for all types of wines, liquors, musts, even when they contain sugars or solid pieces.

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  • 140300- Fast extractor Mothe type
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  • 140300-Fast extractor Mothe type


A boiler filled with distilled water produces steam thanks to a gas burner (not included) towards the sample. This steam extracts, depending on the chosen mode, the volatile acids or the alcohol. A coiled condenser condenses and recovers all the steam. The distillate is collected in a volumetric flask. 


  • Quick steam extraction 
  • This apparatus on a stand is equipped with a coiled condenser 
  • Heating system not included: a high flow burner (40mm diameter) is recommended 


  • Stand, rod, clamps, and glassware supports 
  • Double flask (Ref. 140300/3)
  • A coiled condenser for distillation/extraction (Ref. 140300/2)
  • Volumetric flask for still (200ml) (Ref. 619200)
  • Round-bottom flask 2 necks (Ref. 140300/8) 

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