Apparatus for alcohol determination in dry wines, ciders, beers, and vinegars by ebulliometry. The Dujardin-Salleron ebulliometer was developed around 1870, continuously improved and worldwide recognised. It is the easiest instrument to test directly and accurately the alcoholic content of dry wines, ciders, and beers with normal composition.

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  • 160000- Complete traditional ebulliometer in case
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  • 160100- Complete traditional ebulliometer in case for vinegar
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  • 160000-Complete traditional ebulliometer in case
  • 160100-Complete traditional ebulliometer in case for vinegar


The boiling temperature of wines depends on their alcoholic content and the atmospheric pressure. The boiling temperatures of the water and wine to be tested are registered and a calculation disk determines directly the alcoholic strength.


  • Resistant: all parts are made of metal
  • Portable
  • User-friendly
  • Simple maintenance (spare parts)
  • Accurate and reliable results since 1870
  • Can also be equipped with a boiler specially covered with a protective coating for vinegar (Ref. 160100) 


  • Shell (Ref. 690123)
  • Interchangeable boiler (Ref. 690104)
  • Cooler (Ref. 690106)
  • Alcoholic lamp (Ref. 690110)
  • Wick-holder (4 mm diameter) (Ref. 690111)
  • Box of 12 wicks (Ref. 690112)
  • Thermometer (Ref. 690117)
  • Water/wine measurement tube (Ref. 690114)
  • Calculation disk (Ref. 690116)
  • Stopper (Ref. 690118)
  • Wooden case

Produits associés

Box of 12 wicks for Ebulliometer

690112Box of 12 wicks for Ebulliometer

Water/Wine measuring tube f/Ebulliometer

690114Water/Wine measuring tube f/Ebulliometer

Water/Wine measuring cylinder f/Ebulliometer

690115Water/Wine measuring cylinder f/Ebulliometer

Ebulliometer disk

690116Ebulliometer disk