Thoma counting chamber

Cell counting

Grid with 16 big squares of 16 small squares each with a depth of 0.1mm. A big square contains 4/1000 mm3.

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  • 100136 Thoma counting cell - Single grid
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  • 100137 Thoma counting cell - Double grid
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  • 100136Thoma counting cell - Single grid
  • 100137Thoma counting cell - Double grid


A drop of the sample, diluted or non-diluted, is loaded between the cell and the cover glass. Then, we count the selected elements in the grid. The result is considered as elements par liter of liquid.


  • Total grid: volume: 0.1 µl /side length: 1 mm / height: 0.1 mm
  • 16 big squares with 16 small squares each one
  • Small square: side length of 0.05 mm / Volume of 0.00025 µl

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