Water bath PURA10

Water baths

This bath covers a temperature range of + 18 ° C to 99.9 ° C, with a temperature constancy of +/- 0.15 ° C. Protected against splashing, it is equipped with a film keyboard and a display of the temperature by LED. It are extremely easy to use. The volume of the internal tank is totally available for the temperature setting of the samples, also the very small volumes.

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  • 608010 Water bath PURA 10 litres Room T...99,9°C
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  • 608010Water bath PURA 10 litres Room T...99,9°C


Equipped with a microprocessor maintaining a temperature stability of ±0.2°C, this equipment offers many application possibilities. 
LED display and keyboard with splash-water protection. 
Working temperature range : Ambient to +99,9°C.
Filling volume : 1 to 10 litres 
Bath opening (L x l x D) : 22x27x17 cm

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Bain-marie PURA10