Laboratory still Dujardin-Salleron type, with or without heating

Classical distillation for alcohol determination

This apparatus is equipped with a rectifying column and a reflux condenser. The Rodaviss system allows a quick and easy dismantling and makes the apparatus airtight.

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  • 140100- Laboratory still with stand
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  • 140101- Laboratory still with stand and heating accessories
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  • 140100-Laboratory still with stand
  • 140101-Laboratory still with stand and heating accessories


The determination of the alcoholic content is based on the measurement of the density of a distillate at 20°C. In order to eliminate the other components of wine that modify its density, distillation is carried out so the alcohol is separated and the initial volume is achieved to obtain the same concentration of alcohol in the distillate. The alcoholic content is then measured as well as the temperature of the distillate using an alcoholmeter and a thermometer (instruments and measurement accessories not included) to obtain the correct alcoholic content at 20°C by using the alcoholic tables. 


  • Stand, rod and clamps
  • Rectifying column (Ref. 140100/1)
  • Condenser (Ref. 140100/2) 
  • Round-bottom flask with Rodavis neck (1000 ml) (Ref. 610901S)
  • Volumetric flask class A (250ml) (Ref. 618250)
  • Rodavis assembly (24-29) (Ref. 650160)
  • Rodavis assembly (29-32) (Ref. 650161)
The model with heating includes:
  • Straight burner (13mm diameter) butane/propane (Ref. 640123)
  • Fork (Ref. 640130)
  • Gauze with ceramic center (120 x 120mm) (Ref. 640001)
  • Support ring for boiling flask (100mm diameter) (Ref. 600930)

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