Laboratory still Mothe type for all degrees

Classical distillation

This laboratory still, developed just after the creation of Dujardin-Salleron, is conceived for the distillation of alcohols of all degrees.

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  • 140000H- Laboratory still for all alcools
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  • 140000H-Laboratory still for all alcools


​Equipped with a very performant rectifying bowl and a serpentine coiled cooler, this instrument distillates, without any loss, all qlcohol contained in the sample to be measured.On this instrument, the flask that receives the distillate is tightly connected to the condenser to avoid any loss of alcohol. After the necessary adjustments, the distillate is transferred to a measuring flask where the alcoholic content is determined using an alcoholmeter (instruments and accessories not included).


  • Distillation of alcohols of all degrees
  • Serpentine coiled cooler
  • Laboratory stand
  • Duration of distillation: 15 to 20 minutes


  • Stand, rod and clams
  • 3 double nuts for rod (Ref. 600925)
  • Support ring for boiling flask (100 mm dieameter) (Ref. 600930)
  • Round bottom flask (1000 ml) (Ref. 612901E)
  • Grey-blue stopper no.10 (Ref. 650110T)
  • Rectifying bowl 10/10 (Ref.140000H/1)
  • Versilic hose (diameter 8/12) (Ref. 617603)
  • High-efficiency cooler (Ref. 140300/2)
  • Flask for distillation (Ref. 619200)
  • Stopper for the boiling flask (Ref. 690118)
  • Natural rubber hose (diameter 7/11) (Ref. 617614)

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