Vola 2000 - Extraction

Automatic steam extractor for volatile acidity in wines

This instrument is designed for the extraction of volatile acids or sorbic acid, by a steam generator. It is equipped with a highly resistant aluminum steam generator (no container of boiling water). The high-power heater (2800 W) generates steam by injection with a dosage pump during the entire extraction process. Can be used for all types of wines, liquors, musts, even when they contain sugars or solid fragments.

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  • 118500- Automatic extractor Vola 2000
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  • 118500-Automatic extractor Vola 2000


A pyrex glass bubbler with a non-return bulb allows the extraction without increasing the initial volume of the sample, and the total release of volatile acids. A rectifying column with Raschig rings prevents the distillation of the lactic acid. The end of the extraction, depending on the chosen time, is immediately obtained thanks to the stop of the pump that supplies the generator with water. 


  • Instantaneous steam generation
  • Highly resistant aluminum container
  • Quick extraction: 4 to 5 minutes 
  • Easy to use
  • The instrument includes the glassware and products required for the extraction
  • The sample drains to the sewer through the opening of a tap situated under the bubbler 
  • After draining the extraction bubbler flask, the Vola 20000 can be used for a new extraction without rinsing it.
  • The steam generator included in the apparatus body, the inaccessibility of heating parts, and the absence of a boiler, ensure a total security for the user 
  • Glassware elements are assembled by Rodavis or SVL system, they are thus easily demountable and removable without any risk of leak 


The use of Graham cooling coils (external diameter: 44mm, length: 450mm and length of the enrolled coil 2.50m) ensures a total condensation of the distillates. An electric electrovalve managed by the electronic timer ensures the automatic closing of the cooling circulation between distillations. 


  • Steam generator made of highly resistant machine-cut aluminum with a high-power heater (2800 W)
  • Instantaneous steam generation by injection with a pump that supplies water 
  • Power supply: 220 V - 50 Hz
  • Dimensions (H x L x D): 95 x 35 x 20 cm
  • Weight: 15 kg

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Vola 2000 - Extracteur automatique