Frantz Paul apparatus - Determination of SO2

Sulphur dioxide extraction by aeration/oxidation

The determination of free and total SO2 by distillation/oxidation is based on the use of a Frantz Paul apparatus, whose different parts must respect specific characteristics such as shape, materials and dimensions. This is the only method considered as a reference by the OIV.

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  • 119300- Frantz Paul apparatus (stand and glass parts) for SO2 extraction
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Références concernées

  • 119300-Frantz Paul apparatus (stand and glass parts) for SO2 extraction


SO2 is extracted by gas in acid condition (air or nitrogen). It is fixed and oxidized in the bubbling flask, containing a diluted and neutralized solution of hydrogen peroxide. The sulphuric acid formed is titrated by a standard solution of sodium hydroxide (titration accessories not included). The free SO2 is extracted from a cold sample, while total or combined SO2 requires a heating of the sample.


  • Stand, rod, and clamp for burette
  • Double nut for rod (Ref. 600925)
  • Versilic hose (6/9 diameter) (Ref. 617604)
  • Grey stopper (Ref. 119300/6)
  • Rodaviss flask (250ml) (Ref. 119300/1)
  • Rodaviss flask (100ml) (Ref. 119300/2)
  • Oblong bubbler (24/29) (Ref. 119300/3)
  • Measuring flask with rod (Ref. 119300/4)
  • Cooler and bulb with stopcock (Ref. 119300/5)
  • Glass tube T-shape (Ref. 119300/7)
  • Glass tube with stopcock for depression cylinder (Ref. 119300/8)

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