LABOX is a computer program, unique in the world, that enables the generation of reliable computerized tables complying with the regulation. It provides computerized tools in the form of simple and practical modules for the daily calculations and various conversions. Its effectiveness and reliability far exceeds the use of paper tables and manual calculations. The database of these computerized calculators applies the abacus and alcoholometry tables used by professionals all over the world.

Références concernées

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  • 100450Additional modules: conversion of pure alcohol volume
  • 100451Additional modules: calculation of increasing/ reduction (1 or 3 users)
  • 100452Additional modules: Energetic value
  • 100453Additional modules: Flash point
  • 100454Additional modules: mutage calculation
  • 100455Additional modules: free and active SO2
  • 100456Additional modules: calculation for ebulliometer
  • 100457Additional modules: calculation for inventory
  • 100458Additional modules: calculation for inventory with warehouse management


The software is launched by its shortcut LABOX.exe. The operating language is set during the installation process. The app is available for smartphones or tablets, permitting calculations or conversions at all times without having to carry the paper abacus. A menu proposes the following calculation modules:  
- Conversion of volume and alcohol content depending on temperature
- Conversion of real pure alcohol volume depending on the alcohol content and the temperature of the product
- Reduction and increase of the alcohol content of spirits, considering the contraction factor, with the possibility to choose between total volume to correct or the volume to obtain
- Determination of the amounts of SO2 to add depending on the objectives of free or active SO2 for a given volume. The calculators include the calculation of the amount of SO2 depending on the type of SO2 (P6 to P40, potassium metabisulphite, gas form …), and the recalculation of total SO2 depending on the free SO2 / total SO2 combination rate of your choice
LABOX continues its evolution. Other modules are being developed and will be available soon:
- Different abacus used in the wine and spirits industry 
- Other oenological calculations
- Assembly simulation
- Unit conversion

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