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    Automatic multiparameter titrator for quick determination of free and total SO2, pH, volatile acidity on distillate. The device automatically adds the reagents before the titration. It is available with an autosampler to analyse up to 15 samples in a row. Its intuitive touch screen makes it particularly easy to use.

• Iodometric determination of SO2
With a double platinum electrode that detects an electric current in the sample, the instruments performs the titration and stops automatically when the oxydizing solution is in excess. The device calculates the result depending on the selected programme (free or total SO2) and displays it directly after a few seconds.
Determination of pH and acidity
This device allows to determine pH, total acidity directly in the sample, and volatile acidity after extraction, without any need to see a color change at the end of titration. This enables optimum accuracy and reproducibility of the results.
Supplied with titration glassware and the chemicals needed for over a hundred analyzes.
- Automatic titration
- Automated addition of reagents
- Optional 15-position autosampler
- Easy-to-use 7" touchscreen
- 2 syringes 10ml (SO2) and 20ml (acidity)
- Memory 4 Go
- Data exportation on flash drive

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