Complete kit for acetic acidity determination in vinegars with an automatic self-zeroing burette

Acetic acidity determination in vinegars

The kit includes a graduated burette in acetimetric degrees, a stand, a pipette, a crystallizer, a reagent and a standard solution for a direct readout. An automatic self-zeroing burette on amber glass flask with rubber bulb and siphon is included.

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  • 106300- Kit for acetic acid determination with auto-zeroing burette
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  • 106300-Kit for acetic acid determination with auto-zeroing burette


The standard solution of sodium hydroxide is added to the vinegar with some additional phenolphthalein drops until the vinegar solution turns pink.


  • Stand, rod and clamp for burette
  • Flask, ground flask and security clip 
  • Versilic hose 5/7mm diameter (Ref. 617102) 
  • Rubber bulb for siphon for automatic burette (Ref. 606000) 
  • Graduated auto-zeroing burette in acetimetric degrees (Ref. 600124) 
  • 2-mark glass pipette Class A, 4ml (Ref. 603004) 
  • Crystallizer 70mm diameter, 100ml (Ref. 115402) 
  • Acetimetric solution (Ref. 904500) 
  • Phenolphthalein with built-in dropper (Ref. 938060) 

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