BioScience trinocular microscope 40x – 1000x achromatic


The BioScienc trinocular microscope is an optimal instrument for study and science. The ergonomic design simplifies the usage of the microscope. The trinocular tube enables the possibility to connect a MicroCam (optional) for a simultaneous observation on a screen.

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  • 100131 Microscope trinocular achromatic 40x/1000x halogen 30W
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  • 100131Microscope trinocular achromatic 40x/1000x halogen 30W


  • 4 Objectives with DIN 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x oil (magnification)
  • Wide angle eyepieces 10x (diameter 23mm)
  • Coaxial mechanical desk with coarse and precise focusing
  • Kölher bright field illumination (30W halogen) with dimmer 
  • Abbe N.A. 1.25 Condenser
  • Delivered with protective housing, immersion oil and power supply 

Produits associés

DIN eyepiece WF 20x f/microscope

100132DIN eyepiece WF 20x f/microscope

Thoma counting cell - Single grid

100136Thoma counting cell - Single grid

Thoma counting cell - Double grid

100137Thoma counting cell - Double grid

Planed cover glass 22x22 mm for above - x 10

100138Planed cover glass 22x22 mm for above - x 10

Malassez counting chamber - Single ruling

100146Malassez counting chamber - Single ruling

Malassez counting chamber - Double ruling

100147Malassez counting chamber - Double ruling