Aphrometer for sparkling wines with crown and cork or plastic stopper 0/10 Bars

Bottle pressure control

"Cork" aphrometer for sparkling wines. Equipped with a 0-10 bar manometer, this Aphrometer allows to measure pressure instantaneousky on bottles stoppered with cork. The detachable tip falls down inside the bottle after going through the cork to allow pressure measurement by the end of the needle.

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  • 100100- Aphrometer for sparkling wines with cork 0/10 Bars
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  • 100100-Aphrometer for sparkling wines with cork 0/10 Bars


After thermal stabilization and agitation of the bottle, the overpressure is mesured using an aphrometer (pressure gauge). Its is expressed in Pascals (PA).


System combining a drilling device, supplied with three removable tips and a 0-10 bar manometer.

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